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Neuro Optics Lab

Developing new optical methods to monitor brain function and metabolism non-invasively

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Understanding the link between music and memory

21 April 2023

Have you ever listened to a piece of music from your childhood, and been instantly transported to that exact moment? Music has a powerful ability to bring up memories, even those we didn’t know we had! It is for this exact reason that music may be a valuable tool to help manage many of the symptoms of dementia. In fact...

Investigating vascular and metabolic markers for dementia: the Optical Neuroimaging and Cognition (ONAC) study

21 April 2023

To receive updates about recruitment and how to take part in this study, please enter your email into the following form: . The Neuro-Optics lab is running a dementia study using new state-of-the art brain imaging techniques. The aim of this study is to develop new and better ways of...